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tv   Late Night With Jimmy Fallon  WBAL  March 24, 2012 12:35am-1:35am EDT

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♪ if you say yes is this the moment where
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[ cheers and applause ]
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[ cheers and applause ] >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center, the national broadcasting company presents -- tonight's guests are -- and featuring the legendary roots crew. and here he is -- jimmy fallon! [ cheers and applause ] captions paid for by nbc-universal television -- captions by vitac -- ♪ [ cheers and applause ]
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>> jimmy: hey, everybody! nice to see you. thank you for being here. welcome to "late night with jimmy fallon," everybody. welcome. welcome, you guys. i'm so excited for tonight's show. but if it doesn't go well, don't worry. we'll just shake it up and start over like an etch-a-sketch. [ laughter ] >> love you, jimmy! >> jimmy: i love you, too. [ cheers ] did you hear about that thing though? mitt romney's adviser actually compared him to an etch-a-sketch and because of that etch-a-sketch's sales jumped 1500%. [ laughter ] true. or as disney put it, any way you can compare romney to a ticket to "john carter?" [ laughter ] please. hey -- i want to see that movie. it's about a civil war soldier that goes to mars. >> very true. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: this is -- [ laughter ] this is interesting. a new study found that a growing number of parents regret the name they gave their baby. they actually have a name for those parents. celebrities.
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gravel, gravel, go play with sport. sport, sport, get over by gravel. [ laughter ] listen to this, you guys. nasa believes that it may have discovered ice on mercury. it's crazy. take a look. there. [ laughter ] just kidding. just kidding. here's the ice on mercury. [ laughter ] this is nice. earlier this week -- [ laughter ] secret service agents -- [ laughter ] you know, it's funny we're doing that because we had vanilla ice and we're going to -- [ singing "ice ice baby" ] ♪ and then we have freddie mercury and we're going to go -- [ singing "ice ice baby" ] ♪ [ laughter ] >> jimmy: yeah, yeah. weird. this is nice. earlier this week, secret service agents helped a group of ducklings over the white house fence where the mother duck was waiting. [ audience aws ] of course, while they were doing that, someone stole air force one. [ laughter ] but still, what a cute story about those secret service guys.
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check this out. a medical marijuana store in california is selling a new strain of weed called linsanity. [ cheers ] yeah. it really lives up to its name. you get a huge buzz for two weeks then it just quietly fades away. it's just -- [ laughter ] this is cool. today is national day of unplugging. [ scattered applause ] yeah. people are encouraged to save power. i unplugged everything. my computer, my tv, my grandma. i just -- [ laughter ] it was her time. it was her -- it was her time. >> steve: it was not. >> jimmy: i heard that southwest airlines just unveiled a new plane that could hold 175 passengers. or as southwest thinks of it, a new plane that can hold 375 passengers. [ light laughter ] this is interesting. a new study found that 45% of adults still have sibling rivalries. yeah. and guess what, i read that story, like, three days before my sister did. so -- [ laughter ] just saying.
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finally, yesterday, snooki and j woww were spotted carrying around fake babies. [ light laughter ] crazy thing is, even though the babies were fake, they were still taken away by child protective services. [ laughter ] we have a great show tonight. you guys, give it up for the roots! ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: fun show tonight. thank you for tuning in. thank you for watching our show. you guys, big, big, big news for me tomorrow. i'm still working. i'm working for the weekend. i'm working -- working on the weekend. everybody's working -- ♪ everybody's working for the weekend ♪ >> steve: it's by loverboy. ♪ everybody wants a little romance ♪ ♪ so everybody's going off the deep end ♪ ♪ everybody needs a second chance, oh ♪ ♪ you want a piece of my heart ♪ ♪ you better start from the start ♪
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♪ you want to be in the show ♪ ♪ come on baby let's go ♪ >> jimmy: anyway -- [ cheers ] >> steve: you're opening for loverboy? >> jimmy: i'm not opening for loverboy. no, no. what i'm doing tomorrow is -- this big news, 6:30 eastern, on facebook, i'm going to be interviewing the one and only madonna, you guys. [ cheers and applause ] wow. she has a brand-new album coming out monday, march 26th, called "mdna." it's great. i can't wait to talk to her about this thing. this interview, it's a big deal. this is the only live press that she's doing for this whole album. so if i screw up this interview, the record's going to flop. >> steve: are you serious? [ laughter ] >> jimmy: the pressure's on me. it's not like a webcamy thing either. >> steve: no. >> jimmy: it's like -- it's like, i'm not just, like -- going to watch me just typing. we're actually in the room together. me and madonna are sitting next to each other, and we're live streaming it on facebook, around the whole, entire world. >> steve: wow. >> jimmy: so people in -- yeah. [ cheers and applause ] >> steve: moscow, london. paris, munich. >> jimmy: paris, munich.
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>> steve: everybody's talking about pop music. [ light laughter ] >> jimmy: what is it? >> steve: new york, new york -- >> jimmy: paris, munich. everybody's talking about pop music. [ light laughter ] so again, it's tomorrow night, 6:30 p.m. eastern. me, madonna, live on facebook. check it out, you guys. [ cheers and applause ] it's going to be a fun time. we've got a big show tonight. this guy's so cool. we're so happy to have him here. christian slater's here tonight! [ cheers and applause ] i love that dude. can't beat christian slater. she's a business woman, author, and reality superstar. bethenny frankel is stopping by. [ cheers and applause ] we love bethenny frankel, too. >> steve: come on! >> jimmy: and, oh, man, good music. dr. dog is performing tonight. [ cheers and applause ] you know what their song is? >> steve: which one are they doing? >> jimmy: they have the song -- ♪ everybody's working for the weekend ♪ ♪ everybody needs a -- >> jimmy: that's dr. dog. >> steve: that is dr. dog. >> jimmy: is that not dr. dog? >> steve: i don't -- i think it's loverboy. >> jimmy: oh. >> steve: wait, hold on. >> jimmy: anyway, dr. dog is going to be playing some
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loverboy hits tonight. [ laughter ] they are a great band. they were one of the first bands we had on the show when we first started. >> steve: loverboy? >> jimmy: no, dr. dog. [ laughter ] >> steve: dr. dog, yeah. >> jimmy: yes, yes. but we should book loverboy. they still -- are they touring? >> steve: i don't know. they're canadian. >> jimmy: they are canadian. so they're close. is that what you're saying? >> steve: what i'm saying, is they're probably in toronto right now, eh? [ laughter ] >> jimmy: what is the canadian alphabet again? >> steve: it goes -- a, b, eh, c, eh, d, eh. [ light laughter ] >> jimmy: hey, guys, today's friday. that's usually when i catch up on some personal stuff. i check my inbox. i return some e-mails, and of course send out some thank you notes. [ cheers and applause ] appreciate it, guys. can i just write some out right now? do you mind? hey, james -- boys, can i get some thank you writing notes, please? ♪ [ laughter ] i don't know what he's doing. i don't know what he's doing.
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>> steve: i think they were the bowery boys. >> jimmy: i don't know what he's doing. >> steve: yeah, see? [ laughter ] >> jimmy: weird. ♪ thank you, syracuse, for beating wisconsin by a single point. [ cheers ] or as mitt romney calls it, a blowout. [ laughter and applause ] ♪ thank you, the popular new smartphone game, "draw something." it's a great way of saying to your friends, "i want to play pictionary, but i don't want to see or hear you." [ laughter and applause ] >> steve: hey, do you want me to come over? >> jimmy: leave me alone. >> steve: i'll be over real soon. >> jimmy: i don't want you to be around. >> steve: you sure? i'll be over. i've got my car. >> jimmy: yeah. no, no. leave the car there. ♪ thank you, butter knives, for being pretty harmless, unless you're butter. [ laughter ] [ eerie music ]
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[ screams ] [ light laughter ] ♪ [ light laughter ] ♪ thank you, couples who take cute photos together in photo booths, for telling the world, "we're in the first month of this relationship." [ laughter and applause ] >> jimmy: thank you, skinny ties, or as newt gingrich calls you, any tie. [ laughter ] why you joking down newt, man? >> steve: yeah, you're joking down newt, man. >> jimmy: i'm not joking down newt. >> steve: hey, man. why you -- i heard you joking down newt gingrich. don't do that. why you pulling that kind of stunt? [ light laughter ] is that how you get your jollies? [ light laughter ] is that how you get your jollies, pulling that stunt? joking down newt.
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uncool, man. >> jimmy: i tell you what's cool, these voices. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] >> steve: everybody's cool doing this. and do you want fries with that? [ laughter ] ♪ >> jimmy: thank you, swanson's hungry man microwavable meals, for showing me that steak, mashed potatoes, and a brownie can somehow all be cooked at the exact same length of time. [ laughter ] that's possible. >> you the man! >> jimmy: you the man. [ laughter ] >> steve: that was a great movie. >> jimmy: haven't got that in awhile. >> steve: you haven't got that. >> jimmy: you should have done it in a cooler voice, though. like, you the man. [ laughter ] cooler voice. >> steve: yeah. then people know you're cool. >> jimmy: then people know you're cool. >> steve: yeah. [ light laughter ] ♪ >> jimmy: thank you, gum, for being a minty refreshing treat one minute and a tasteless wad of silly putty the next. [ laughter ]
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our last thank you note. [ audience aws ] ♪ >> jimmy: thank you, tim tebow, for volunteering to spend your sundays helping the needy and less fortunate. [ cheers and applause ] there you have it, you guys. those are my thank you notes. we'll be right back with more "late night." come on back. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ i've been doing taxes for 25 years.
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♪ [ cheers and applause ] jimmy: hey, welcome back, everybody. breaking news. breaking news. loverboy is coming to englewood, new jersey april 25th. ♪ englewood, new jersey. april 25th. loverboy. >> steve: where at? >> jimmy: i don't know. where? where in englewood, new jersey? where?
12:52 am
i think they are playing at -- they're playing at arsenio hall. [ laughter ] >> steve: not daryl hall? >> jimmy: not -- they're not playing at daryl hall. they're playing at arsenio hall. you know how you -- how you got to knock to get into arsenio hall? >> steve: how's that? [ knocking ] [ laughter ] >> jimmy: commodore -- room. commodore ballroom. nope. okay. [ laughter ] yeah, wait. sorry. >> steve: hold it. >> jimmy: sorry. very urgent? oh, bergen art center. >> steve: oh. >> jimmy: who said commodore ballroom? what was that? >> steve: that's where the commodores -- >> jimmy: you made that up. [ laughter ] >> steve: the commodore's are playing at the commodore ballroom. >> jimmy: you're kidding me. >> steve: yeah, yeah. it's a brick house. it's fantastic. it's fantastic. [ laughter ] ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: yeah. you had to do it. we broke television. we broke television. we broke -- [ light laughter ]
12:53 am
you guys. boy, you're in for a treat tonight because we're going to a go-go in the loco do-jo. that's right. it's time for "karate pinata." [ cheers and applause ] ♪ karate pinata hi-ya ♪ this is "karate pinata," the time-honored sport of kicking pinatas while blindfolded. [ light laughter ] behold the fiesta ring. [ gong sounds ] i am your sensei, jimmy fallon. [ gong sounds ] [ cheers ] now, please welcome our three audience contestants. ♪ [ cheers and applause ] what are your names, and where are you from? >> i'm vivek patel. i'm from jacksonville, florida. >> jimmy: hey, welcome. [ cheers and applause ] your name? where you from? >> carolyn holliston from boston, mass. >> jimmy: hey, boston, massachusetts. >> john hayes, new york city. >> jimmy: hey! that's what we're talking about. john hayes, new york city. okay, here's how this game works. to your left, you'll see four confetti-filled pinatas,
12:54 am
each of which bear a striking resemblance to four current celebrities in the news. [ laughter ] mitt romney. [ light laughter ] peyton manning. howie mandel. and the hamburglar. [ laughter ] now, one at a time, you'll take your place under the fiesta ring. when play starts, the pinatas will slowly spin. and you'll have 20 second to break as many as you can. whoever breaks the most wins the grand prize. and oh, what a prize it is. higgins? >> steve: well, jimmy, tonight's winner will be taking home $300 worth of old el paso taco dinner kits, the perfect meal for any dinner party. all you need is some lean ground beef, diced tomatoes, lettuce and 500 of your closest friends. sensei jimmy? >> jimmy: thank you, higgins. thank you, kowar. thank you, dwar. [ gong sounds ] [ laughter ] how are you guys doing? [ chanting ] all right.
12:55 am
now, a few things before we start. first, you can only break the pinatas using karate kicks. you cannot use your hands. you cannot use your body. in addition, the piñatas must fully break in order to count. also keep in mind, in the event of a tie, our great audien will decide the winner based on kicking awesomeness. so it's very important that your kicks are awesome. any questions before we begin? >> nope. >> jimmy: all right. very good. contestant number one, you're up. why don't you take your place over there in the fiesta ring. put on your blindfold. [ cheers and applause ] let's get the rings spinning. remember to stay on the mat at all times. 20 seconds on the clock. please, ready! set! and kick! ♪ [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪ ♪ >> jimmy: hey! holy mackerel. fantastic. get over here.
12:56 am
hey, you're great, man. oh, my god. that was almost a perfect score. really, really impressive. let's take a look at what you did in slow motion. ♪ look at the skill there. bang. [ laughter ] that one almost went into the audience here. that was a -- got the hamburglar next. and then, who didn't you get? you didn't get tebow? or peyton manning? oh, tebow isn't even on there. sorry. [ laughter ] very impressive. higgins, how many pinatas did he break? ♪ >> steve: three! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: contestant number two, you're up. >> all right. >> jimmy: all right. come on. for boston, mass. let's go. represent. good luck, pal. let's start the fiesta ring right now. 20 seconds on the clock. ready, set, kick. ♪
12:57 am
♪ [ cheers and applause ] ♪ whoa. very good. very good. come on over here. you did good. got a good kick there. you ever take karate? >> no. >> jimmy: wow. that was pretty impressive. let's see what you did in slow motion. [ laughter ] there. that one there, that counts. because one confetti came out of that. [ laughter ] that counts. and then this green guy. you just destroyed him. just gutted him. his face is melting off. fantastic. good stuff. nice kicking there. higgins, how many pinatas did she break? ♪ >> steve: two! ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: impressive, impressive. all right, my friend. it's all down to you. but do not fear the challenge that lies ahead for within you is the eye of the tiger, the soul of the wolf and the buttocks of a baboon child. [ laughter ] now, go take your -- sorry. go take your place, and put on your blindfold. let's start the fiesta ring.
12:58 am
here we go. ready? 20 seconds on the clock. ready, set, kick. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> jimmy: hey! all right. very good. hey, hey. stop it! stop it! stop, stop. hey. there you are. come on over, buddy. hey, you got -- yeah. see you at anger management class. yeah. [ laughter ] holy mackerel. you were going after that guy pretty hard, man. all right. let's see what you did there in slow motion. some interesting kicks here. ♪ you know, it was kind of a sweeping kind of kick. you swept that one. missed. a lot of whipping on this one. look at this one. whip. no, that one you hit good. that was a good one. [ light laughter ] and then, you just lost your
12:59 am
mind there and just got mad. [ laughter ] you almost lost your balance. you did like a weird back kick on one of them. very impressive. very impressive. higgins, how many pinatas did he break? >> well, i tell you. i wish you were the verb but it's a noun. one. >> jimmy: oh, my gosh. [ sad tuba ] [ audience aws ] that means we have a winner. contestant number one! >> yes! >> jimmy: congratulations! ♪ here are your tacos. all of these are yours. of course, no one goes home empty handed here. you guys will all be taking home these official "late night with jimmy fallon" black belts and a can of turtle wax. [ cheers ] thank you to everyone for playing "karate pinata." stick around. we'll be right back with christian slater! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ this good... colors are more vibrant,
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♪ [ cheers and applause ]
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jimmy: our first guest this evening is one of my favorite actors. he starred in over 50 movies, including "heathers" and "true romance" and so many others. right now, he stars in a fox show called "breaking in," which airs tuesdays at 9:30 p.m. please welcome to the show christian slater! ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> this is my first time here. it's very nice. >> jimmy: it is. welcome, finally. i'm the biggest fan of you. >> oh, good. >> jimmy: i'm sure -- loved you -- i loved every single thing you do. >> aw, thanks. >> jimmy: i mean from "pump up the volume." >> oh, god. >> jimmy: "gleaming the cube." "untamed heart." >> oh, come on. >> jimmy: "untamed heart," we had a baboon heart. >> that's right. >> jimmy: yeah. that was fantastic. that was a great one. >> i love you. i love you, too. >> jimmy: oh, thank you. i appreciate that, buddy. now, "saturday night live" -- every time i run into you, i
1:04 am
tell you, you hosted two of my favorite "saturday night lives" ever. >> oh, really. >> jimmy: you were a fantastic host. >> oh, thank you. >> jimmy: yes. that was -- >> we did have a great time. that was a great cast and -- >> jimmy: sandler and farley and -- >> yeah, farley. and, i mean, phil. >> jimmy: phil hartman. >> we did the "dysfunctional family feud" sketch which was -- >> jimmy: that was so good. >> that was good. >> jimmy: "hot wings." >> yeah, "hot wings" was a winner. >> jimmy: there was a sketch called "hot wings." one of my favorites. i don't know who wrote that. >> i don't know, man. >> jimmy: jack handey. it was a great sketch where -- you -- >> i can't remember what it was. >> jimmy: i remember it. >> it was spicy hot wings? is that what it was? >> jimmy: you wanted to order -- >> my favorite is "the wolfman" one. where i was, like, this idiot guy who'd sit in front of a mirror -- >> jimmy: yeah. >> and thought he was turning into a werewolf. every time he would duck out of frame, he'd come up with teeth. he'd duck out. he'd come up with hair. >> jimmy: you glued hair in your face. >> yeah, yeah, yeah. and they had to write all my dialogue backwards, i remember, because it was in the mirror. i had to do it in the mirror. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: it was so good. >> it was pretty cool. >> jimmy: that was great. i remember one, too. it was the second time you hosted the thing, where you were with farley and sandler. they were up in your bedroom
1:05 am
trying to think of a band name. >> yes, yes. >> jimmy: and then, farley goes, "i got it. i got it. i know the name." and you go, "what, what, what's the name?" and he goes -- he goes, "pearl jam." [ laughter ] and you go, "that's all ready -- there's all ready a band." he goes, "uh, er, pearl jam 2." >> no! >> jimmy: yeah. really, really good. it was awesome. >> true genius. >> jimmy: hey, congrats, you're on twitter now. >> yeah, that's right. doing the twitter. >> jimmy: you're finally on twitter. [ cheers and applause ] are you liking it? do you love it? >> yeah. join the -- what are we in, the 21st century? >> jimmy: yeah. >> yeah, yeah, yeah. >> jimmy: yeah, yeah, 21st. >> yeah, i joined twitter, and it's -- it's weird. >> jimmy: it's fun, right? >> it's kind of cool. it's like i'm never alone. [ light laughter ] i got a little crowd that follows me around. and today, i walked around the city and i took photos. >> jimmy: you've been taking a lot of photos. >> yeah, it gives me the opportunity to, like, see the city in a different way and capture it for myself. >> jimmy: here's a photo of you here. and this is -- >> yeah. >> jimmy: pete from brooklyn. >> that's right. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: now, that's pete from brooklyn. now, you were in brooklyn? >> well, no, no. i was -- he was obviously working on a construction situation. >> jimmy: yeah. >> right outside of this pizza
1:06 am
joint that i happened to be in ordering some slices of pizza. >> jimmy: yeah. >> which is the thing to do in new york. the pizza is very good here. >> jimmy: this pizza is delicious. yes, tasty. >> i like it! >> jimmy: but, what -- [ laughter ] what kind of pizza do you get? >> i usually just get the regular mozzarella kind of thin crusty type stuff. but you know -- >> jimmy: just plain? >> just a side of plain. yeah, i just go plain. that's right. >> jimmy: do you fold it? do you fold it like new yorkers? >> i fold it. sometimes i'll put two on top -- >> jimmy: one on top of the other? >> one on top of the other. >> jimmy: like john travolta. that's what he did. >> is that what it's from? >> jimmy: yes. >> yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. >> jimmy: it was in -- yeah. "saturday night fever." >> "saturday night fever." that's what he did. you're right. >> jimmy: [ imitating john travolta ] two slices. >> two slices, man. >> jimmy: two slices of pizza, right. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: he puts one on top of the other and folds it. >> that's right. it was gold. >> jimmy: don't my hair. he hit my hair. but you're on -- you're on twitter, now. sending out photos and stuff like that. >> yes. >> jimmy: but you're not -- you're not verified. >> i'm not verified yet. no. >> jimmy: that's means that -- you usually get a checkmark that says this is the actual christian slater. >> that's right. a blue checkmark. >> jimmy: yeah. and you don't have it. they don't believe that you're you. >> they're not buying that it's me. >> jimmy: but it is you. >> i don't know what i need to do. i'm putting nude pictures on
1:07 am
there. [ laughter ] oh! >> jimmy: twitter, that is him. >> hey! >> jimmy: christianslate4. >> can you believe? >> jimmy: because that's him. >> that's me. >> jimmy: so verify him. get it over with. [ applause ] >> we're not faking this. >> jimmy: we're not faking this. he is real. >> mark it right here! >> jimmy: he's real. >> whoo! >> jimmy: right here. this is good. >> wow. >> jimmy: now, look. i want to say, you're -- >> this is great. >> jimmy: this is good. >> yeah, okay, i'm -- [ laughter ] all right. >> jimmy: the "breaking in" -- >> yes, sir. back to that. tuesdays. tuesday nights at 9:30. >> jimmy: 9:30. >> right after -- >> jimmy: after the "new girl." >> yes, right. >> jimmy: and -- and -- >> it's a fun show. i'm loving doing it. >> jimmy: are you tweeting right now? >> i'm not tweeting right now, but i will. but this is, like, from a shot from, like, the last episode we did. see, that's me in the kirk chair, right. >> jimmy: oh, yeah. let me just show -- >> no, no, no, no. >> jimmy: what are you talking about? >> we can't show them. but i want you to see, just describe it. >> jimmy: what? >> i'm not showing -- no. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: what are you talking about? >> you're going to see it on tuesday night. you're not going to -- >> jimmy: just show them what -- >> no way! i'll show you. look, there it is. see? see? oh, no! [ cheers and applause ] [ talking over each other ] >> jimmy: that's you naked -- >> that's right. >> jimmy: -- in the captain kirk chair -- >> that's right. >> jimmy: -- from "star trek." >> that's right. >> jimmy: why can't you show
1:08 am
that? >> there's no way i'm showing that now. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: can you tweet that? >> well, no. i tweeted little bits of it. that's what i've done. >> jimmy: what little bits? >> i -- [ laughter ] >> jimmy: you got to watch what you do. you'll get yourself in trouble. you'll get yourself in trouble. [ cheers and applause ] >> that's good. >> jimmy: that's pretty great, man. >> that's good. i like that. >> jimmy: that's pretty good. all right, good. i want to show a clip of the very talented christian slater in "breaking in." check it out. >> no. i need him. >> what can i say, he was caught selling secrets to a rival company. >> yeah. but, what you don't know is jones was a double-agent. he was working for us the whole time. he's a hero. >> he was a hero. two hours ago he got hit by a high-speed bullet train in kyoto. >> but, surprisingly, he only sustained minor injuries. >> but the emotional trauma he suffered sent him into cardiac arrest. he died. >> for two and a half minutes before a rogue surgeon performed an emergency baboon heart transplant, giving him a new lease on life and crazy ass monkey strength. >> yet, moments later, he tragically choked on a banana and was pronounced dead by a team of renowned doctors. his last request was that the ashes be scattered in an active volcano. well, i can do this all night. baboon heart.
1:09 am
ridiculous. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: yeah, yeah. not that ridiculous. do you want to play a fun game? >> yes, i do. >> jimmy: all right. christian slater and i are shooting one another in the face after the break. stick around! more show to come! non-violent! non-violent! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪
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♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: everybody, we are back with the great christian slater. his show, "breaking in," airs tuesdays at 9:30 p.m. on fox. christian and i are trying to -- >> it's so cool. >> jimmy: yeah, you look cool. >> thank you, thank you. >> jimmy: we're trying a new game to celebrate the ncaa tournament. this is called "marsh madness." >> yeah. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: it works like this. we're going to use these special guns to shoot marshmallows at one another, okay? >> oh, i think i broke mine. already, i broke it. yeah. >> jimmy: it's all right. we have extras. >> really? okay, sorry. bring in another. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: yeah, it's all right. >> good. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: he's an animal. he's an animal. all right. >> okay. >> jimmy: so we load up the guns and then you -- then you -- then you pump it up. >> okay. >> jimmy: okay, so here's the deal. we shoot each other. three in the chest. whoever gets the three first gets to shoot the other guy in the face. >> ooh. quite a fun game. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: you're gonna play "marsh madness." here we go.
1:15 am
>> all right. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: all right. >> okay. so now -- do we just -- who goes first? do i go first? >> jimmy: yeah, you're the guest. >> i go -- oh, that's sweet. yeah. [ laughter ] okay, ready? >> jimmy: yeah. >> all right, here we go. get ready. here it comes, baby. oh, come on! [ cheers and applause ] [ laughter ] >> jimmy: oh, nice try. all right, here we go. >> i was a little off to the side, mine. oh! >> jimmy: oh! i missed the target a little bit. >> pretty good, though. pretty good. >> jimmy: i was aiming for your little bits and pieces there. [ laughter ] there you -- that's the look you want right there. that's the look you want right there. [ audience ohs ] >> oh, come on! >> jimmy: that was gonna go -- you just killed frank knuckles. >> oh, my god! [ laughter ]
1:16 am
>> jimmy: all right, ready? here we go. >> okay, okay, okay. oh! >> jimmy: i suffer from marshmallow dysfunction. md. >> yeah, we need the pills. okay, here we go. >> jimmy: how about this? >> yeah, jerk it. oh, i mean, pump it. [ laughter ] there we go. >> jimmy: all we need is the shake weight. >> okay. [ laughter ] i love that, yeah. >> jimmy: yeah, yeah, yeah. [ cheers and applause ] >> come on! ♪ >> jimmy: what is going on? you know what? screw it. let's just start shooting them out in the audience. all right, ready? i'm going to try to get -- i'm going to try to get one right here. here you go. >> okay, nail it. nail it. [ audience ohs ] whoa! >> jimmy: that whizzed by your face. >> that whizzed by. >> jimmy: all right, just go for it. just -- >> okay, what do we do? >> jimmy: just shoot me in the jimmy. [ laughter ]
1:17 am
>> okay, here we go. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: not that close. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ give it up for christian slater! up next, bethenny frankel! see you after the break, you guys. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ [ tom ] we invented the turbine business right here in schenectady. without the stuff that we make here, you wouldn't be able to walk in your house and flip on your lights. [ brad ] at ge we build turbines that power the world. they go into power plants which take some form of energy, harness it, and turn it into more efficient electricity. [ ron ] when i was a kid i wanted to work with my hands, that was my thing. i really enjoy building turbines. it's nice to know that what you're building is gonna do something for the world. when people think of ge, they typically don't think about beer. a lot of people may not realize that the power needed to keep their budweiser cold and even to make their beer comes from turbines made right here.
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♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: our next guest is a three-time "new york times" best-selling author and successful business woman and a reality tv star. you know her from "the real housewives of new york" and her hit bravo series, "bethenny ever after." please welcome the very busy bethenny frankel, everybody! ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: bethenny, thank you for coming back to the show. >> thank you for having me. >> jimmy: let's celebrate. let's have a cocktail here. >> hi, everybody. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: they love you. >> this is the new skinny girl cucumber vodka. >> jimmy: oh my gosh. >> and this is the cucumber refresher. >> jimmy: now, what's the cucumber refresher mean? >> and it has the cucumber vodka, the mint and lime juice. and i realize it's good for your breath to have a cocktail. it has mint in it. i just realized that in your dressing room as i was drinking one. >> jimmy: thank you. [ laughter ] yeah. >> it's good.
1:23 am
'cause i didn't want to have bad breath. >> jimmy: are you hammered right now? >> no, i just had a nice cocktail. >> jimmy: do we have to add vodka? >> wait. it was already in there. >> jimmy: oh, sorry. >> you don't add it to the drink. it's already in there. now it's a little stronger. >> jimmy: that makes it fallon size, yeah. >> all right, good. i can't move very far from the couch 'cause this dress just got three inches shorter on me. >> jimmy: no problem. >> and i just can't have any more wardrobe malfunctions. it happens to me and i'm just nervous. >> jimmy: so what happened to you? you flashed anderson cooper or something? >> i did, and it really was on the wrong audience, to be honest. if i flashed you, i would get -- you know what i mean? [ laughter ] >> jimmy: oh my gosh. >> i mean, let's be honest here. >> jimmy: let's be honest here. >> so this is a skinny girl cucumber refresher. >> jimmy: it's very green. >> it's very green. and, see, when i make it, when i blend it, it's usually got just a mint -- >> jimmy: oh, so the mint is blended. >> cheers. [ cheers ] it's so good. >> jimmy: delicious and refreshing. >> it's nice. >> jimmy: i like it. it's very springy. >> right. you should be doing an ad. >> jimmy: i should be doing an ad. fat boy vodka. [ laughter ] season three, "bethenny ever," you just had -- wait, your anniversary is soon, right? >> my anniversary is next week.
1:24 am
and we -- >> jimmy: congratulations. >> thank you. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: now, what is it going on? how many -- >> two years. >> jimmy: two years now, yes. >> yes, and we go out for a romantic dinner to the place where we got married and we kind of, like, do it up fancy. >> jimmy: do the cameras come with you? >> they do not come with me. >> jimmy: they don't. >> they do not. we are done with the season. >> jimmy: does that get annoying? >> yes, very. >> jimmy: it does. >> yeah, especially after so many years, and it's been kind of a rough season and it's very -- >> jimmy: i don't know how you do it. i mean, i think it's the reason why i like you and the reason why people like you. you're just so honest and everything is out there. i mean, literally, everything is out there. [ laughter ] but -- >> not tonight. >> jimmy: no, not -- everything's in here tonight. >> everything's in here. >> jimmy: but, i mean, even, like, your therapy. >> i know. >> jimmy: that seems like the hardest part. >> here's the thing. when i signed up to do reality television years ago, i made a commitment. if i'm going to do it, i'm going to do it. and it's going to be honest. and whether it was having my baby or wearing the dress and, you know, women saying, oh, my god, you've got the fairytale. my life is amazing, but no one's
1:25 am
life is really a fairytale, and i want to be honest about it. so i've kind of gone full monty on the show. >> jimmy: yeah. >> it's a whole reference. it's a thread. i'm just keeping it going. >> jimmy: yes, no, yeah, yeah, yeah, exactly. >> so, i just wanted to be totally honest, but it's exhausting. >> jimmy: yeah. >> we're doing -- i'm doing a talk show this summer on fox. >> jimmy: congratulations, by the way. that's so good. this is great. [ cheers and applause ] >> thank you. >> jimmy: you're going to be fantastic. >> thank you. i asked you -- i asked him for advice in the dressing room, but i want to do a show where i can talk about my issues instead of just showing them. i want to talk about sex and marriage and, you know, breastfeeding. not to you, and, you know -- [ laughter ] >> jimmy: we talk about that every week. >> it's a topic here? >> jimmy: yeah, next week is breastfeeding week. >> yeah, like, it's national breastfeeding week. >> jimmy: national breastfeeding week, absolutely, yeah. >> i want to talk about just my experience as a woman and guests' experiences, and the audience and just be like when i'm going out with my girlfriends for cocktails, what we talk about. what girls talk about. >> jimmy: it's good, you're great with that stuff, and you just can't stop working. i mean, besides the vodka and -- look at this book now. this book's coming out.
1:26 am
now, this is "skinny dipping"? >> "skinny dipping." yes. >> jimmy: ooh la la. >> it comes out may 1st. >> now, this is a fiction? you're writing fiction? >> it's a fiction novel. and i'm really excited because it was just so creative and just so free. instead of just telling people what i think they should do or how to live a better life, this is just really more liberated, free, creative. i mean -- >> jimmy: don't you just -- do you ever just relax and not work? >> i do. i do yoga. i love how you're asking me -- you have a talk show. you're on every single day. >> jimmy: i know, but i didn't write a book. >> well, you will. [ laughter ] you will. >> jimmy: i will? >> you have amazing stories. >> jimmy: i am the worst -- i would never write a book. >> i doubt -- well, anyway -- >> jimmy: you would hate my book. >> no. >> jimmy: maybe i will write a book. >> i think you should. [ laughter ] i think you should start. >> jimmy: how bad it is. yeah, it's like -- it could be -- >> you will write a book. >> jimmy: "it can't get worse" is the name of the title. >> you have great stories. [ laughter ] >> you just gave me the best -- you gave me the best advice in the dressing room. but anyway, yeah, i do relax. i do yoga. and when i go on a vacation, i lock it down. and on the weekends, i go with my husband and we just go walk and find some place to go to lunch and go to the park with the baby. we actually have a pretty normal life. it's actually surprising. >> jimmy: weren't you just stranded at sea? >> we were stranded at sea.
1:27 am
that was supposed to be relaxing. >> jimmy: that's not normal at all. >> no, it's not normal. >> jimmy: and you had cameras there. that's insane. >> it was excruciating. it was really, really bad. and it was with my therapist. >> jimmy: you're stuck in a boat with your therapist. >> i know. >> jimmy: you're lost at sea. it's, like, a nightmare. >> it was really -- i mean, it was a lot of therapy. there was some, you know, there was some value to that. >> jimmy: god. >> it was a lot. it was just too much therapy. i was at my therapist today in real life. and i don't know if you saw the show, but he literally knocked on the door because it was an old lock, and he almost walked in on me in the bathroom in my real life. and that's what happened on the boat. and like, once your doctor walks in on you in the bathroom, your therapy's changed forever. >> jimmy: it's totally different therapy, yeah. >> mental health. >> jimmy: you need more therapy, yeah, yeah, yeah. >> yes, yeah. oh, i'm giving him therapy. >> jimmy: with a different therapist, yeah. >> oh, i've been -- >> jimmy: do you have to pay him anymore? >> i do, and i'm really aggravated. >> jimmy: you made him famous. >> not only that, but -- >> jimmy: he should pay you. >> we were lost at sea. i think i should get a discount. >> jimmy: at least one -- at least get one free sesh. >> just to feel better about it. >> jimmy: yeah, exactly. >> i know, but he's really good. and i -- well, i mean, you know, if it's helped is out for, you know, the jury. but i feel better. >> jimmy: it's definitely helped. oh my god.
1:28 am
>> i feel better. >> jimmy: we love watching you go through the stuff. it's pretty cool that you do this. >> thank you. have you ever gone to therapy? >> jimmy: no, no. [ laughter ] >> no, and never. never, never couples therapy. >> jimmy: i don't want to know anything. i don't want to know anything. [ laughter ] >> you want to -- >> jimmy: i want to keep it buried and let it come out after a couple skinny girls. [ laughter ] [ cheers ] i want to show a clip of you on "bethenny ever after." here's you just being crazy with your husband. i think you're trying on mouth guards. "bethenny ever after," everybody. >> i grind my teeth rather than my husband. so i need a mouth guard. i do religiously use it every night. it's done wonders for the sex life, let me tell you. >> i've never worn it to bed. >> well, maybe that's why you're not getting' laid. >> oh my -- yeah, you know what? let's wear our mouth guards and make out. here's you in the morning. this is when i roll over in the morning. this is what i see. ♪ [ laughter ] >> good. >> and that's when i roll you on your side. >> i think mine is sexy.
1:29 am
i like mine. >> you do look sexy. >> i like mine. let's go do it. >> really? >> with the mouth guards in. >> really? you're ready to go? >> jimmy: there you go. really? really? "bethenny ever after" airs mondays at 10:00 on bravo. bethenny frankel, everybody. dr. dog performs next. come on back. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ [ female announcer ] with xfinity,
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♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: our next guests are on tour in support of their seventh
1:32 am
album, "be the void." tonight, they are here to perform its opening track called "lonesome." please welcome back to our show, dr. dog! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪ oh what does it take to be lonesome nothing at all ♪ ♪ oh what does it take to be lonesome nothing at all ♪ ♪ my thoughts are wicked and rotten and my goat don't wanna be gotten ♪ ♪ and i had my fill of the whippoorwill when he broke into song i shot him ♪ ♪ leave me alone ♪ what does it take to be lonesome nothing at all ♪
1:33 am
♪ oh what does it take to be lonesome nothing at all ♪ ♪ oh the train is loaded and leaving and the lord only knows i don't need it ♪ ♪ and i snub my nose when the whistle blows but it's never enough to get even ♪ ♪ get out of here and leave me alone oh get out of here leave me alone ♪ ♪ oh the moon can do what he pleases he can cry so much that he sneezes ♪ ♪ and if a falling star falls in my yard well i'll pick up the pieces ♪ ♪ get out of here ♪ what does it take to be lonesome nothing at all ♪ ♪ oh what does it take
1:34 am
to be lonesome nothing at all ♪ ♪ ♪ hey hey hey hey ♪ ♪ so what does it take to be lonesome nothing at all ♪ ♪ oh what does it take to be lonesome nothing at all ♪ ♪ what does it take to be lonesome nothing at all ♪ ♪ oh what does it take to be lonesome nothing at all ♪


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